Verse 1

A solicitor, and not solitude we need
Where words fail and eagles hold their brakes
      We pay dues to walk through the mountains
     Forgetting that we are in disarray – what have you learnt lately?
     You cannot be taught, you refuse!
     But you must bear in mind that you need a hand
     So I’ll stay.

Verse 2

Birds will fly if we let them
     Begotten and tasted, benevolence but withdrawn
     A lesson to learn
     I come to hold your hand but you refuse to walk along
    You Think is a siege
    You grow suspicious of everything
    And then the gold is lost

Verse 3

Make room for a hand, you think you stroll
     on double feet
    You conquer the waters and cross the bridges
    but you’re left alone
    It didn’t happen overnight, you caused the trail
    The old leads the young agree to be led
    Don’t go about telling bred because you have
    a thread that won’t remain
   The stranger that sleeps on the sofa and has
   the figure of a dental
   He’s a warrior and you must know that

Verse 4

A dance of tantrum held side by side
     I come to deliver and yet you refuse
     Do it my way, is your logo
     But know that there’s an eclipse in the way
     of the begotten
     We learn from past experiences
     And troubles are dissolved
     So wonderful noise allow to be taught

Verse 5

A call for another effortless remark when
    you hide your troubles
    Remember it’s a phase that you must go through
    I see you and hold your hands it’s nature’s remark
    Suggestions from the achiever, redefinition is the goal
    He goes all the way in to help a fallen hand.
    Now that you agree to be led we must go
    on a journey of greatness
    Wonderful noisemaker I will lead you now.

About the Author:

Isioma Jemimah Okonicha has works published in magazines and anthologies. She writes inspirational stories, fictional, and poems. Follow her blog: and Dovelyisi magazine on Twitter and Facebook. Follow Isioma Jemimah Okonicha on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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