He rises from the sea
To meet the sun and flames
An ancient master
Curdled with the years
That never stopped
Rolling past.

No longer loving to be undead
No longer living except in his head

He rises from the crypt
Hidden in a secret place
Wrapped in sacred lore
To watch the waves
And walk into the sea
In flames.

No more walking through the endless nights
No more stalking needing endless bites

He rises from the last body
He will ever drain
Wiping his mouth, the taste
As good as the first time
Always as rich and fulfilling
As the first time.

What is life but consuming
He is tired of consuming
So he strides on
Toward the ocean
As the sky turns to light
There is just a flicker of fright

When the sun is fully uncovered
The flames begin
Washing away his sins
He opens his arms
And welcomes the end.

By Shelly

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