Mythic Mashups is accepting submissions for short stories and poetry in the fantasy and science fiction genres with elements of mythology and folklore. Read the guidelines below carefully.

You can find examples of past submissions here: Blog.

Short Stories

The maximum word count is 5,000 words. We reserve the right to make small editing changes such as:

  • grammar and punctuation
  • tense correction
  • using a synonym when a word is repeated consecutively

If we determine major editing is needed, we will contact and work with you by email.


You may submit 3-5 pieces of any type of poetry, haiku included. The poetry MUST have a mythology or folklore theme that is easily identified. Examples include poems about unicorns, Greek mythology, dragons, wizards, witches, vampires, Egyptian symbolism, elemental magic, etc.

Other Items of Importance

Make sure that any photos included are yours or are credited with your submission.

Submissions to Mythic Mashups should be sent to List the “type” of piece it is in the title of the email and include a short author bio with social media links.

We will not accept work that is hateful, racist, intolerant, vulgar, or demeaning to any group or individual. We support LGBT+ creatives and every age group (18+), body type, religion, skin tone, etc.

You are welcome to submit as many times as you wish, but please wait for a response to a submission before resubmitting. Thank you.

NOTE: Once your piece is published on our site, please do not ask us to remove it so you can submit to another site that doesn’t allow you to post elsewhere. You retain all rights to your work, you may post your work wherever else you like, but once it’s up here, it’s up.

We support all creatives – authors, artists, bloggers, singers, Scrabble players. We hope you love mythology as much as we do and will submit your work soon!

– Mythic Mashups